AVERTO * to avert / turn away

AVERTO is an Amsterdam based pop-electronic music duo formed in 2018 by two audio students.
The two met during their bachelor studies and as soon as they started working together it was clear that they were a creative match made in heaven. The two best friends, peers and business partners bring out the best in each other as musicians and as individuals. Their faith in each other speaks through their music.

This exciting young duo will shortly be hitting the stage and their first single 'Cry', followed by the EP "1304" is out now

1304 EP OUT NOW!

Their name reflects this duo in more than one way.
Not only literally do they turn away from the public to let their productions and compositions speak for themselves, this duo turns away from pop culture standards and stigmas.
Their main focus is their music and the creativity to bring across what they believe in.
With an ever growing music catalog, they are so excited to start sharing their records. Their first single "Cry" and EP "1304" is out now. 


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