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Professional footballer or professional musician?

 Well, the football career didn't work out so professional musician it is then! Born and raised in Groeningen in the north of the Netherlands, Amsterdam based Nomden has been making music professionally since winning the Grote Prijs van Nederland in 1998. He has been a regular on the festival circuit, playing Pinkpop twice as well as the Lowlands Festival.

He joined the Analogues in 2014 and, while still performing and recording with the Analogues, embarked on a solo career in 2018. He spent time in New York recording with a number of notable session musicians, including Will Calhoun, produced by Ronald Prent.

His first album and single will be available shortly on To Be Frank Records.

Nomdens music and instrumental versatility have been praised in the press with the legendary Dutch music magazine Het OOR saying of his self released debut album "Wingman Returns" 'He is a big, versatile talent with a crystal clear high vocal range'.

Platomania stated that 'Carolina could have been written by Billy Joel in his best years' - take a listen for yourself to hear what they mean!