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40ft Cable 10ft Stage Album Coming 19th May

Scully Ward releases debut album 40ft Cable 10ft Stage, an astonishingly vast and versatile body of work. This album is the culmination of years of Scully’s unrecorded material through various band formations, finally cultivated and captured over a 3 year period. 

Comprising a massive 20 tracks, Scully encompasses a diverse array of musical genres from “acoustic instrumental world music all the way up to prog rock, with some blues, funk, reggae and a power ballad or two”. Throughout the shifting styles, Scully’s personality is firm, his strong and clear voice displaying an impressive range and with the instrumental interludes between vocal tracks, including the suitably named ‘Dream Chaser’, showcase Scully’s capacity to make his guitar sing, with titles such as ‘Waves Reflect the Moon’ proving the calibre of his guest musicians. 

You can almost hear the lifeblood that has been poured into each song - earnest, relatable lyrics delivered wholeheartedly, enveloped in ardent playing. 

Somebody give this man a 40ft stage!

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My inspiration in music is music.

After a couple of college bands and many pub gigs and venue gigs later I cut free into the world and found the makings of a new band, Vacant Touch. Supporting many established and famous artists in some delightful venues and wonderful countries. From festivals to independent rooftop shows in London, I definitely found my passion for writing, performing and music as a living with Vacant Touch. Alas, all good things come to an end… 

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Between 2011 and 2012, living in a house share with bass player / artist Daniel Muir (M.U.I.R.) and synthesist / artist Lofi Beats (Simply Rad) the three of us gathered and jammed live variations and in the studio formed an album of live takes with myself on Vox and Guitar. We developed a masterfully dreamy electronica 3 piece - Meteors - that I am SO proud of musically and enjoyed personally with two close friends. The music speaks for itself.

The end result of that collaboration is now available on all major music platforms!

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After the house share disbanded, the group did too… So I started writing solo. A few years later I have my debut solo album ready to release together with a Meteors album.
Recording my solo debut album with Zach Dorne at Khandha Rooms we formed a fantastic friendship and formed a new world music project called DRONE TONES. To date this is the best acoustic and guitar writing I have EVER DONE. My proudest achievement to date, mind blowing world music with incredible musicians joining the project from all walks of life. Probably my lifes masterpiece in honesty.

From festivals to independent rooftop shows and dedicated venues around the UK and Europe and now the imminent release of my solo album “40ft Cable 10ft Stage” I have proved to myself I cannot “9 - 5” in this world. 9am till 9am 8 days a week till I die…. Music, yes. Music is life. Creation of art is the expression of existence.

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