"For years I dreamed about a musical career but I didn't take myself seriously enough"

Tobias Bader has been involved in music for 35 years, but says he has only just started. After wondering what he might regret later, on his deathbed, the answer was "if I didn't release my own music". Then the switch turned. Tobias decided he is now more than ever ready to share his music with the world. “For years I dreamed about a musical career but I didn't take myself seriously enough to really make it work. I was too insecure about myself but that has now changed. “It's getting late in the game to show any pride or shame” is a line of Marillion that stayed with me. I have built up my own repertoire of more than 50 songs, which I will release in a series of EPs and CDs.”

Tobias Bader


It is important to Tobias that not everything sounds polished. He places more value on conveying the emotion and intention of a song and wants to really touch the listener. “I like things that don't sound perfect on purpose. For example, the acoustic guitar with which I recorded a lot is a very cheap and rickety blues guitar from Italy from the sixties. That sound has something interesting and authentic about it and is much more characteristic than a perfect sounding expensive Gibson. Most of the guitars and amps I play on are from the 1960s and early 1970s. I find it intriguing that an instrument often has had a whole life before it reaches me. That also adds a layer to the music for me. ”

Tobias and Ute
Tobias Bader

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